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The 3D Animation and Video Game Art Program is a comprehensive program that puts equal emphasis on the artistic and the technical side of 3D modeling and animation. Courses cover material that will take the student through the whole production process and workflow of 3D animation, from storyboarding and conceptualization to the final delivery of the rendered product. Curriculum spans traditional animation techniques, life drawing and the technical fundamentals of 3D animation and modeling. Classes are taught in a state-of-the-art computer studio with the latest versions of industry-standard software packages. Faculty members have extensive industry experience and their expertise is critical to the success of students in this growing field.

Career opportunities:

• Animator
• Video Game Developer


Computer animation

Create a 3D animation sequence that follows your storyboard. For this course, the school acts as a literal production environment where your animation project must be completed within set deadlines while utilizing available resources. This course will help to prepare you for the methods, environments, and conditions you’ll experience in the real world of 3D computer animation production.
Our professional animation instructors will take you in depth with the 3D animation techniques that make your characters and environments come alive - from modeling and rigging to texturing and compositing. Whether you're dreaming of creating art for video games, or fantastic characters for an animated feature, we can help you turn your raw talent into a career in 3D computer animation.

Visual Effects

Visual effects are a commonplace tool not only for films of all kinds, but also for television programs and commercials. Visual effects are employed whenever filmmakers need images that are either impossible or impractical to shoot in the real world. Visual effects artists at studios.

Character Rigging

In this course, you’ll learn what it takes to bring a 3D character to life using animation software. Using your own design from the Character Design and Creation course, you will develop your creation's motion capabilities by learning the character rigs and skeletal structures used in 3D.


2D & 3D Animation | Video Production | Audio Production | Graphic Design

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