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The Multimedia department provides courses taught by faculty with extensive academic, professional, and industry experience. Students are guided through the department’s project based courses to develop the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate the principles of visual communication in their work. Each course provides students with projects and evaluating critiques that challenge their creative problem solving skills.

The Multimedia Program prepares students for entry level positions as graphic designers, production art designers, web designers, and production assistants in animation, video, and multimedia product development such as game development, interactive CD presentations, and digital video.

Career opportunities:
• Web Designer
• Web Developer (more technical)
• Interactive Developer (geared towards online applications)
• Web Master
• Graphic Designer
• Junior Digital Illustrator
• Animator
• Video Game Artist


DVD Authoring
This course is the last step to getting your demo reel in a format that showcases your work. Outputting to DVD and VHS will be covered with a bias to DVDs. Understanding Interface design, compression, formats, editing and sound engineering will enable students to make a knockout original presentation that sells. Packaging and overall presentation will also be a focus of this course.

Music Business
Music Business Program is designed to give you a practical, real-world music business education. You'll get training in the core fundamentals of business like marketing, advertising, finance, and accounting. You'll also get the specific inside knowledge you'll need to make it in the complex and unique entertainment media industry as our instructors cover topics like intellectual property, artist and product management, publishing, and distribution.
Arts and Copyrights
The law of copyright prevents a person from copying the work of another without his permission.This law is important to those working in the media,thus the student is equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with an ast

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